What happens if you stop sugar consumption?

We are constantly made aware about the potential detriments of consuming sugar regularly including heart disease, obesity and diabetes. If you are looking to cut off sugar consumption completely, you will notice some differences taking place, especially if you indulge in it excessively. In this article, we shall be discussing some of these potential changes.

A younger look

Considering that sugar equates to wrinkles, cutting off consumption of it may help you in appearing younger. In a nutshell, sugar molecules stick to collagen and elastin which are found in the skin, deforming them. These proteins are the two main components which can keep the skin youthful. The glucose and insulin are also associated with chronic and acute inflammation which is associated with aging. Results of quitting sugar completely can be evident as soon as two weeks!

Better mood

This is quite surprising as many would expect that sugar consumption is linked to happier moods due to the satisfying of cravings. Research however finds correlations between sugar consumption and higher rates of depression. One of the theories as to why this may be the case is because sugar can lead to chronic inflammation, impacting the function of the brain. If you can keep sugar spikes under control, it is more likely that you can keep your moods in check.

Weight loss

It is well-renowned that sugar can be addicting. Decreasing consumption leads to a halt in cravings. This would translate to lower overall food intake and hence weight loss. When eating sugar, the body may be less aware that it is full, hence one would tend to eat and drink more. Once sugar is eliminated with healthy and wholesome food, the brain would be in a better position to identify when one has eaten enough.

Less colds

The chronic inflammation caused by sugar may dampen the immune system’s capabilities making you more susceptible to catching a cold. Reducing your sugar intake may help your immune system to perform better.

Better dental health

Reducing your sugar intake can help in the preservation of your teeth, allowing you your best possible smile! Being one of the main reasons for the development of cavities and hence tooth decay, your dental health is better off without it.

Completely eliminating your consumption of sugar is easier said than done. The reason for this is because most food items bought and consumed today contain certain amounts of sugar, so you need to be constantly vigilant.

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