Jobs that may Disappear in the Future

Practitioners in artificial intelligence often predict and anticipate that a number of jobs will cease to exist in the coming years as they will be replaced by technology. The advancement of artificial intelligence although contributes to an evolving world and brings about several positive aspects, can lead to issues pertaining to employment as several sectors may face mass job losses. The jobs which are most at risk include those that consist of manual and repetitive tasks. In this article, we shall be discussing some jobs that may be lost as technology becomes more sophisticated.

Warehouse workers

One of the jobs which could land itself in danger is that of warehouse workers. Global business leaders such as Jeff Bezos have expressed their intentions that warehouses could become completely automatic. This can be done by developing robots which would replace the labour activity currently undertaken by humans. The benefit of filling in these positions with technology is that machines can operate for twenty-four hours, seven days a week unlike humans.

Taxi drivers

Self-driving cars are no longer seen as a too futuristic concept. They are being tested today and the notion of having cars picking up people and transporting them to their intended destination does not seem like a reality so far away. Through the use of apps and credit cards, the need for the driver may be eliminated altogether.

Fast-food restaurant servers

Although people would still be cooking food in the kitchen, delivery of food may be taken over by robots. This concept is already adopted in Japan whereby robots that look like humans take orders and deliver the food.

Traditional mechanics

Many can appreciate the huge leaps made in the automotive industry. Giants such as Tesla are setting the trends for this industry which is now embracing all-electric and self-driving vehicles. In view that cars are moving towards this all-electric concept, it would be very difficult to imagine the traditional mechanic we know today. Instead they would be more focused on the electronics than performing the job manually.

Customer service representatives

It has become quite commonplace to expect to engage with a chat bot when attempting to make contact with customer support. Several companies today use such technology as a first layer to attempt solving quick fix problems that customers may encounter. It is a common practice that if the problem cannot be solved via the assistance of the chat bot, a customer service representative would intervene. In certain instances, customers would be frustrated because it becomes all too evident that they are speaking to software instead of humans. If this technology is refined going forward, it would not be surprising to see it replacing the need for customer service representatives altogether.

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