Workplace changes in 2021

The happenings of 2020 have brought about several changes which rippled through 2021 and dramatically reshaped the workplace. Not only has the pandemic impacted the long-term goals of companies, but it has also changed the workplace with many believing that these new trends are now permanent. In this article, we shall be discussing some of the workplace changes which took place in 2021.

Remote working

The concept of working from home seems to be here to stay as many people have grown accustomed to it. Whilst in the past some businesses may have seen working from home as a less preferred option, there isn’t much anyone can do these days. Organisations may cite issues pertaining to productivity and that employees working from home would be detached from the day-to-day activities. On the other hand, remote working has now become an option that is being offered by many employers. Employees may argue that they find it more convenient to work from home, hence leading to increased productivity. Working from home spares employees the daily commutes, the time of which can be used more productively for work related purposes.

Revisiting office space

Prior to the pandemic, many companies would have invested in large offices, perhaps more than they actually needed. Big offices tend to give a better impression and are associated with successful enterprises. This is especially so the case for those businesses that greet clients at their offices on a regular basis. A bigger office also gives a better impression to potential recruits who may be enticed by the image of professionalism. As we have grown accustomed to employees working from home, business people are now questioning their excess office space and whether it is worth committing to expensive lease agreements. For those businesses that own their actual offices, renting out some space to other organisations may be an enticing idea.

Investment in cleaning and safety

The COVID-19 pandemic has spearheaded the need for investment in continued cleaning and safety. In order to create a safe environment for employees, clients and prospects, businesses had to invest in more rigorous cleaning routines, preventative items such as masks, Perspex sheets and sanitiser. When combined together these bring about significant costs, however they have become mandatory requirements in this new workplace era.

What are your views with respect to the workplace changes that have taken place over the past months? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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