Things in Kabul continue to worsen

The situation in Afghanistan continues to worsen. Following the recent Taliban takeover, several Afghans made their way to the Kabul airport with haste in a bid to board a one-way flight away from Afghanistan. This is in view that many are afraid of the harshness of the new regime and what may happen to them and their families if they opt to stay.

The volumes of people congregating at the airport have made things extremely complicated, with not enough planes available to cater for the demand. To further complicate matters, suicide bombers and gunmen attacked crowds of Afghans that were making their way to the airport. This terrorist attack which led to the deaths of at least sixty Afghans and thirteen United States troops accelerates the impacts of the existing horrors and desperation.

The United States general in charge of the evacuation of people from Afghanistan, stated that the attacks will not cease existing efforts, with the flights continuing to transport people away. The attacks came following the warning of Western officials, who advised people to leave the airport. In view of the urgency to leave Afghanistan till the end of August, many had opted to ignore this warning.

The responsibility for this gruesome terrorist attack was taken by the Islamic State group. It is believed that the Taliban were not involved in this and condemned the attack. With respect to these attacks, the United States President Joe Biden stated that this action will not go unpunished and would not hinder the United States from its commitment.

The event led to further desperation as those who hoped to board flights ended up killed or wounded. One particular charity operating in Afghanistan had to cater for the influx of sixty wounded patients with an additional ten being dead upon arrival.

One of the explosions took place near the airport entrance, implying some form of failure which allowed the suicide bomber to get so close. Although the Taliban had been screening people outside the gates, there is no evidence to suggest that the attacks were allowed to take place. Following this incident, the United States asked the Taliban to enhance security at the airport’s perimeter. Another blast took place within the vicinity of the Baron Hotel. This hotel was selected as the place where many Afghans, Britons and Americans were told to stay prior to their departure.

The situation in Afghanistan remains one of a dire state. What do you make about these developments? Let us know in the comments section below.

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