The return of standing events in Malta

Following several months of COVID-19 restrictions, standing events are now making a return. As announced by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne, the number for standing events will be restricted to a hundred. Those wishing to attend standing events like concerts and festivals need to be fully vaccinated and will be allowed to do so as from the 6th of September.

The easing of restrictive measures and continuation of standing events follow discussions with the Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts association. This association has been campaigning in favour of the re-introduction of standing events. This will be the first time that standing events will be allowed since March 2020. This easing comes together with the fact that the number of people that can attend seating events increases will increase to five hundred from three hundred.

Weddings that accommodate only vaccinated guests may host a standing event, however if non-vaccinated people are allowed to attend, then the option is not available.

In order to maintain high levels of immunity, booster shots will be made available to the elderly and those who are immuno-compromised. These booster shots will be distributed as from the middle of September. In one of his statements, Chris Fearne stated that the booster dose was also being considered for those over seventy years of age. Those who are eligible will start receiving their letters soon. The strategy to provide booster shots to the most vulnerable is in line with the recommendations of European health authorities. 

The latest easing of measures is enabled by the successful vaccination campaign where over ninety percent of the eligible population is inoculated. Malta’s performance in its vaccination campaign compares well when seen in the context of other countries. Over seven hundred and ninety thousand vaccines have been administered to those over the age of twelve.

Although the situation is being managed well in Malta, the Delta variant is proving to be a worrying development throughout the course of this pandemic.

Another matter which will need to be closely looked at is the fact that schools will be reopening soon. Although students are expected to attend physically, online learning will remain an option. The details of how students will return to classrooms will be communicated at a later point.

What do you make about this latest easing of restrictions? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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