Strong Career Paths where you don’t need a Degree

The common mantra is that in order to have a successful career, you need to get a recognised degree for starters. Although such qualifications might make it easier to land yourself a better earning job, behind a desk and computer, it would be folly to assume that a degree is the only pathway for a good career. In this article, we shall be discussing some career paths which may lead to high earnings and success, and that you don’t need a degree for.

Real estate agent

Successful real estate agents manage to make good money and can have quite a rewarding career. The job does not require tertiary education. A license is required however. Those who are knowledgeable about property and the industry overall, together with having skills on closing sales may benefit from a very lucrative career. The job in itself is also quite interesting considering that one would meet a lot of people and help them find their dream homes.


A job which is high in demand these days. Those who are skilled in the field and manage to build a reputation that lands them numerous clients can benefit from quite a rewarding career. With the boom in construction and new units being developed, good electricians are in high demand and are necessary in the completion phase of any property. Electricians are also regularly engaged to replace electrical systems of older dwellings which would need an uplift to subscribe to today’s standards.

Tile layer

Another potentially lucrative career path which does not require a tertiary education is that of a tile layer. Experienced tile layers who can guarantee a quality job are well in demand and are necessary to finish off a property in a quality manner. Many would tend to give priority towards selecting right suppliers as the difference between a good job and an inferior one can be easily noticed when it comes to tile laying. A poor job creates a shabby image of the property, which is quite a hassle to fix.


These professionals are also needed for the completion of property projects. The importance of these professionals can be appreciated when things go south and you experience leaks in your bathrooms. In this regard, many understand the importance of sourcing the right plumbers, to put their minds at rest, as any potential leakage due to bad workmanship causes significant hassle and expenses.

These are just some jobs that can be quite lucrative and do not require a tertiary education. Do you have some more to add? Let us know in the comments section below.

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