Afghanistan’s Horror

The recent happenings within Afghanistan are those of shock and horror. Just a few days ago, many expressed their concerns as the Taliban have seized power in Afghanistan. The announcement of them acquiring control was released just a few days before the United States was set to finalise the withdrawing of its armed forces in Afghanistan. The United States planned to withdraw its soldiers following a war which spanned twenty years.

Source: Biden’s Chaotic Withdrawal from Afghanistan Is Complete

The militants of Taliban managed quite a feat in taking control of the main cities in just a few days. This is the same group that had controlled Afghanistan in the end of the 1990s. In 2001, an invasion by the United States managed to dethrone the Taliban, although the movement never left the country. In view of the latest developments, several Afghans are now in a state of shock and in their moment of desperation and fear are fleeing the country. For many of those residing in Afghanistan, a departing flight is the only way out. The scenes are truly one of a kind as large groups of people stormed the airport with not enough flight capacity able to take them on board.

Source: How to help Afghanistan

The reasons why people are fleeing Afghanistan is because of the fear that chaos will ensue and that Taliban will exert revenge on those who opposed them throughout the war. Another predominant fear is that harsh measures will be implemented. The country went through some hard times as women were not allowed to go to school or work outside of their homes. They also had to wear a burqa and were to be accompanied by a man whenever they were outside. Under Taliban rule, music was disallowed and harsh punishments were applied when dealing with thieves and adulterers. Thieves would have their hands cut off, whilst adulterers were stoned.

Over the past days, the Taliban has attempted to present itself as a more tolerant movement. Ever since the latest takeover, they promised to respect women’s rights and to forgive those who worked against them. Several Afghans are not convinced by these promises.

There were those so desperate that they clung to the external parts of a plane to flee the country. They were unfortunate as they fell to their deaths.

The future of Afghanistan remains hazy and with the United States no longer in defence it seems that a new age is set for the country. 

What are your views regarding the situation in Afghanistan? Do you think that more support should be given by other countries? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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