Should Power Cuts still be a thing in 2021?

Several localities within Malta have encountered numerous power cuts over the past days. These could not have been more ill-timed when considering that we are experiencing one heatwave after another. The common assumption is that since temperatures have risen significantly, most people are making more use of their air conditioners thus the demand for electrical consumption increases, creating overloads and pressures on existing systems.

In an age where technology has advanced significantly, very few would expect that power cuts become a regular occurrence as was the case over the past couple of days. Naturally, this has sparked several negative comments which spread across social media like wildfire. The mere thought of being stuck at home at night, in the dark and no cooling source is enough to drive anyone crazy.

In a recent statement made by Enemalta, it was emphasised that the power cuts were caused due to faults in cables in Mosta, Naxxar and Marsaskala. Accompanying the apology made by Enemalta, it was indicated that faults to the distribution system were revealed due to the higher demand for electricity. It was also stated that when it came to most faults, electricity was restored in less than an hour, underlining that clients deserve the best possible service. Enemalta also allows those who feel that they have been financially impacted by the outages to launch a claim.

Enemalta recorded significant investments on its distribution system, in the range of a hundred and thirty million Euro. This investment includes forty new substations and the automation of three hundred and eight. Investments are currently in progress in both Tarxien and Marsaskala. The CEO of Enemalta went on to say that it plans to fast-track its investment in terms of the distribution network in residential areas.

In view of the anticipated heatwaves and summer temperatures, it is almost natural to expect more power outages. 

The Minister for Energy Miriam Dalli highlighted the need for further investment as she too explained the situation as being “unacceptable”.

One would raise the question as to what is driving this demand which is beyond the levels prior to the pandemic, in a stage where tourism volumes are lower than usual and with thousands of workers having left the island. How is it that the demand for electric consumption is higher? The same can be said for the fact that there are no particular investments which should be increasing the need for electrical consumption.

What are your views in relation to the latest series of power cuts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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