Failures in Work-life Balance

The concept of work-life balance is something most people strive for, however few really feel that they achieve it. Having extremely tight schedules can make it quite difficult to feel that you are achieving a healthy work-life balance. Research shows that people who are overwhelmed tend to be negatively impacted on both a personal and professional level. For those with high ambitions and those accustomed to top performance, this is more difficult to achieve due to the high standards which are set. 

Although a relatively straightforward concept, it is quite complex. If you feel that you are failing at achieving work-life balance, you may find that you are doing the below mistakes. Read on!

Level of priority

How high in your list of priorities is work-life balance? What are the activities you undertake to achieve it? For high achievers, priority towards work-life balance is more susceptible to be on the lower end. Such individuals tend to be people pleasers and would avoid saying no even if they are overwhelmed with activities. These very same people that are focused extensively on their careers would typically avoid expressing how stressed and overwhelmed they feel, so they give out the general impression that all is fine. Some people will find it hard to take a step back so that they can relax, thinking that it may hinder their promotion and career growth opportunities.

Perception of continued balance

When we think of work-life balance, we would imagine it being consistent throughout. The reality is that life is not like that. Chasing a certain image of work-life balance which is not real will only lead to disappointment. Life takes us through different rides and although there will be successes, there will also be challenges that can overwhelm you.  The perception surrounding work-life balance is that everything is fine, at work, at home and no substantial challenges will present themselves. This is surely not the case for most people, and the concept of work-life balance will change as you go through different stages in life.

Work-life balance can sound like too much of an idealistic concept, the term being thrown around lightly. To be closer to achieving a good level of work-life balance, you need to appreciate what is realistic versus what may be unachievable.

What are your views on work-life balance? Let us know in the comments section below.

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