Racism still a Major Issue in 2021

Although there were several campaigns promoting equality and condemning racism in all of its forms, it still remains, even in 2021 a serious societal problem. Instances of racism have been recorded in Malta several times and the approach adopted by many can be significantly improved. Quite recently, an episode hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, another disgusting example of racism.

Footage has been shared on social media, whereby a man of colour was attacked by a gang of around fifteen men, at the Mgarr harbor in Gozo. As he was being physically attacked, the crowd jeered and egged the attacking men on. The scuffle progressed with the man being hurled into the water in front of a watching crowd, which could have ended quite badly, especially if he did not know how to swim or hit his head as he was tossed. Together with this is the fact that amongst all the bystanders, no one intervened or offered to provide assistance. The man was visibly struggling.

It has not transpired yet as to what led to the attack, however the incident sparked discussion in relation to the issue of racism in Malta. One of the witnesses highlighted that for the police to press charges, there would be the need for those that witnessed the attack to testify in court. The witness stated that the intention is to testify and appealed to put an end to such hatred and savagery.

What can be done to stop racism in its tracks

People who engage in racist activities will need to be punished in a manner which reflects the severity of their actions. In a world that has progressed significantly, there is no room for racism and the outcomes that follow for those who do not comply must serve as an example for others. If people who commit acts of racism are not punished and hindered, the example which follows is that these instances can be repeated. Together with adopting harsher measures, continued education remains of paramount importance. 

What are your views in relation to the problem of racism? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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