UK turning the page on COVID-19

It would be interesting to monitor the COVID-19 related developments within the United Kingdom as restrictions are scheduled to be lifted on the 19th of July, 2021. As the vaccine roll-out is taking place at a steady pace, the Prime Minister for the UK has earmarked this date as the beginning of the return to normality. In this article, we shall be discussing how the UK is planning its return to normality and the changes expected to take place.


With respect to quarantine, UK citizens who are fully vaccinated will not need to isolate themselves upon their return from an amber listed country. This provides UK travelers with more options for their holidays.

Social distancing

The requirement to keep a distance from others will also be lifted. In this regard, people have been encouraged to adopt a common sense approach when mingling with others. The removal of social distancing restrictions will mean that bigger events and festivals can take place once more. Guidance for social distancing for those expected to isolate following contact with someone who contracted the disease shall still apply.

Face masks

Also on the agenda for removal is the obligation of wearing face masks in indoor settings. Boris Johnson has urged the public to maintain good judgement. The Chief Medical Officer of England, Chris Whitty, highlighted three scenarios where he would still wear a mask. These include indoor crowded spaces, when expected by an authority and to make others feel comfortable.

Indoor meetings

Although pubs and restaurants are currently not serving tables of more than six people indoors, this will be lifted on the 19th of July.

It will no longer be recommended for employees to work from home where possible. It will be however, up to the businesses to manage the return to the office of their respective employees. The government is clear that in this regard, the decision should be made by the employers and employees.

Although the UK is planning an eagerly anticipated return to normality, there are those who argue that this may be taking place at a relatively early stage. There are those who argue that the lifting of restrictions should take place in a more cautious and staged approach. This may be the case especially as the UK has just exceeded fifty percent of its population being fully inoculated.

What do you think about this approach? Let us know in the comments section below.

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