Things to expect during this UEFA EURO 2020

The European national cup, themed as UEFA EURO, brings a spectacle of football like no other. Similar to the World Cup, it brings an excitingly packed schedule of international football, which would be eagerly anticipated by many. The tournament brings together a number of national teams where the top players for each country are selected to compete, with a group phase which is followed by knock-out format matches. In this article, we shall be discussing what you can expect during this UEFA EURO competition.

Tightly contested matches

This competition brings about some of the best talent that Europe has to offer. In this regard, you can expect some tightly contested football matches as Europe’s elite are thrown into the mix. When considering teams such as France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and England, we are guaranteed a spectacle, especially as some of these teams face each other whilst the competition progresses.

The Italy versus England saga

It is quite safe to assume that more than ninety percent of football fans following the UEFA EURO competition in Malta support either Italy or England. Amongst local supporters you can expect the pressure and banter, as one of these teams gets eliminated from the competition. You can also expect some additional spice if these two teams face off as was the case in other national competitions. In the recent past encounters, the Italians always left the pitch with the bragging rights and the upper hand.

Car cades

Expect some car cades here in Malta as one of the most popular teams in the competition manages to pass through an important phase. Typically, you can expect some car cades if Italy and England manage to progress well within the competition or else win the coveted trophy. You will also notice that many people living in Malta would hang the flags of the team that they are supporting throughout this competition.

New talent on the big stage

Although many avid football fans do have an indication on who is expected to shine during this competition, such tournaments normally shed light on new talent, players that manage to impress the fans, their teams and opponents! This is an opportunity for football players to make a mark and establish themselves, attracting the interest of club teams for the upcoming season as the transfer market would be open following the conclusion of this tournament.

What are you looking forward to most during this competition? Let us know in the comments section below.

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