The Value of Vaccine Certificates

A few days ago, Maltese authorities announced the vaccine certificate, a document which proves that an individual has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Many have already downloaded this vaccine certificate, which is aimed to facilitate travel and access to normal life. 

A key to mass events

These vaccine certificates are likely to be the key factor in the re-introduction of mass events. Holding non-controlled mass events at the time being is still deemed as a risk by several authorities. With these vaccine certificates, these can take place in a more controlled and lower risk fashion.

Eligibility relies on full vaccination

Having received the first dose, one would not be eligible for this vaccine certificate. Once fourteen days have lapsed following the second dose, people would be eligible for this vaccine certificate. Both doses of the vaccine need to be administered from Malta, for one to be eligible. In order to avoid issues where the vaccine certificate does not become available, one should steer away from taking the first and second doses in different countries.

Current use

At the time of writing, the vaccine certificate can be used at the airport and to visit the elderly in their respective care facilities. It is expected that other uses for these vaccine certificates are to be announced by the authorities. At the present moment, for Maltese authorities, this will be the only certificate that will be recognised, considering that the European Union is still yet to release its own. Some countries already recognise the Maltese certificate as valid.

1st July

On this date, it is expected that Malta will be ready to be part of the system whereby certificates from all European Union countries would be accepted. As it stands, Malta is one of the few countries that is still not ready to join the system.


The vaccine certificate is expected to be valid for only six months. The reason behind this is the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the duration that the current vaccines provide immunity for. In this regard, additional booster shots have been ordered in case these may be required.

Losing the certificate

A certificate may be downloaded multiple times, so if it is lost it can be replaced. One would need to log in the government website, input personal details and download.

What are your views on this vaccine certificate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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