How to know if your phone was hacked

Our phones are data mines. Someone attempting to steal your personal details is more likely to target your phone rather than any other device. We are constantly hooked onto our phones and more likely to share personal data, making them an enticing target for cybercriminals. In this article, we shall be discussing some tips for you to identify if your phone has been hacked.

Battery draining fast

One of the reasons why your battery may be draining fast, irrespective of how many times you charge your phone per day is due to spyware. This uses a lot of power and thus impacts battery performance. If your battery is not keeping up, it might make sense to check if your phone is hacked. If this is not the case, you may need a new battery or phone.

Phone is constantly hot

Your phone getting hotter than usual is a sign of concern especially if it is not being used. When a phone gets hot, this usually means that internet data is being consumed. If you notice irregular consumption of your data bundle, especially when your activity has remained the same, this is a serious sign of concern.

Poor phone performance

When a phone is hacked, a dip in performance may be one of the indicators. One simple check is trying to switch off the phone. If your phone does not switch off, even though you attempt to, there is a likelihood that you have been hacked. Simple actions such as sending and receiving texts, making phone calls and checking voicemails may be delayed when a phone is hacked. 

Calls and texts that you never made

One of the clear signs that your phone was hacked is through discovery that calls have been made, and messages were sent without your knowledge. It is important to monitor your logs for calls and messages regularly, to see if you spot any irregular activity.

Spam messages and pop-ups

A signal that your phone has been hacked may be indicated through spam messages, pop-ups and weird screensavers. Whilst a pop-up here and there does not automatically imply that you have been hacked, a notable increase in these can mean just that. Regularly clearing the cookies stored on your phone will protect you to a certain extent in concealing information about yourself.

New apps

Ever encountered an app that you could swear that it was never on your phone and that you did not download? This could mean that your phone was compromised and that someone is spying on you.

Unusual activity with accounts

If you notice weird things taking place with your accounts such as your Gmail or iCloud, this can potentially mean that you have been hacked.

Has your phone ever been hacked? What did you do about it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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