Better Relationships at Work

Many would associate success at the workplace with individual skills and competence. Whilst these do indeed contribute to a better and more prosperous career, managing relationships at work is a critical component. In this article, we shall be discussing some tips to maintain good and improving existing relationships at work. 

Deliver and manage expectations

To build better relationships at work, it is essential to deliver on what you promise to your superiors, peers and also subordinates. This will allow you to maintain a solid reputation of reliability with your colleagues, making you more credible. In order to enjoy better relationships at work it is also important to manage expectations. This can be done by setting clear parameters regarding the work undertaken and when it will be completed.

When working with others, you will encounter contexts where you will need to provide feedback. Providing feedback about the work of others is a tricky one and doing it wrongly can have lasting consequences. At the workplace, feedback can be delivered in a manner that does not go down too well with the owner of the task and may tarnish the relationship.


Positivity goes a long way at the workplace. It is one of the key aspects of maintaining better relationships at work. Although it is natural to encounter different levels of office politics and gossip, you would do well to distance yourself from this activity. Avoid engaging in a discussion or joke that makes someone else look bad. This is all the more important if you are still new in your role. Positivity also motivates others, creating mutually beneficial outcomes. Office environments are already packed with people who bring about negativity. Positivity is definitely a breath of fresh air, especially during hard and trying times.


The workplace can sometimes become a space of noisy competition where colleagues fiercely try to put their points across. In the bid to ensure that their opinions are heard by most or the people that matter, this comes at the expense of listening to the feedback of others. This can create tension and frustration between colleagues as some may feel left out. It is therefore of paramount importance to adopt a listening approach, something that your colleagues will appreciate. Showing that you have the ability to listen can go a long way.

Any tips to share with us regarding the development of better relationships at work? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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