The Reopening of Tourism

A few weeks ago, the month of June had been earmarked for the revival of tourism within Malta. Being one of the pillars of its economy, a plan for tourism is of utmost importance for the country’s growth going forward.

Over the past days, Malta has performed in stellar fashion to keep its number of active COVID-19 cases low, with a vaccination campaign where thousands of locals are inoculated daily. Many look forward in anticipation as June is the month where several restrictions are lifted, and tourists are expected in higher volumes when compared to previous months.

French and German tourists

Malta is expected to greet several French and German tourists this summer, as the country aims to diversify its segments. In view of the fact that Malta did not manage to make it on the UK’s travel green list, we can expect to have fewer British tourists this summer. This presents a challenging scenario for Malta, considering that in normal circumstances, the country would be swarmed by British nationals. This does come as a surprise as Malta has achieved herd immunity, is leading the way in terms of vaccinations and has the lowest rate of infection when compared to other European Union countries.

In view of this latest news, the Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo stated that Malta did whatever it could to feature on the UK green list. He also emphasised that diversifying its tourism strategy is part of a ten-year plan. It is also said that the Maltese government has invested in a twenty million Euro aid package to kickstart tourism activity.

A safe tourism season

The Minister for Tourism, Clayton Bartolo, stated that the recovery for tourism was intended to take place in a manner that ensured the health of both Maltese locals and tourists remained safeguarded.

To compensate for the lack of British tourists, Malta has directed its marketing strategy to other avenues, which is leading to an encouraging number of bookings from French and German nationals. The amount of money spent in marketing Malta to the UK will eventually be published as part of the Malta Tourism Authority’s audited accounts.

What does the future hold?

As Malta has reopened its doors for tourists, with activity being recorded in hotels, restaurants and other places of entertainment, only time will tell whether this June will be earmarked as the month when the proper recovery started. This will heavily depend on how well Malta will manage the amounts of new cases, emerging variants and its continued vaccination campaign, which is currently in full swing. What do you make of the reopening of tourism? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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