The Benefits of Chocolate

Very few people can argue against chocolate. The rich and delightful taste brings about pleasure and makes it quite difficult to resist. The soft texture of it melting inside the mouth is one of the tantalising aspects of chocolate. In several instances, you would typically hear that chocolate is detrimental for our health, due to the fat, sugar and caffeine content. In this article however, we will be steering away from the detrimental factors of chocolate and focus on the benefits.

Chocolate may help in combatting the risk of heart disease and stroke

It has been found in a study that participants who consumed dark chocolate reduced their risks of heart disease. It is presumed that the benefit brought about by the dark chocolate is the prevention of calcified plaque in the arteries. It has also been suggested that rich dark chocolate is correlated to lower blood pressure. This is due to the cocoa polyphenols which are expected to produce changes in the levels of blood pressure. Studies show that those who consumed small amounts of cocoa still registered encouraging results.

Improves your mood

Chocolate is known to reduce stress due to the valeric acid and promotes serotonin, which is associated with calming effects. Together with boosting one’s mood, chocolate also promotes antioxidants, especially the darker ones.

Chocolate contains nutrients

Although most people tend to associate chocolate with a less healthier lifestyle, it does contain several nutrients. Such include copper, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorus.

Improves brain and body performance

The cocoa polyphenols found in dark chocolate may be responsible for improved brain performance. They are believed to optimise brain activation patterns and increase blood flow towards it. A study also seems to indicate that dark chocolate enhances athletic performance. This is because chocolate leads to an increase in nitric oxide, thus reducing excess oxygen consumption when one is exercising.

Chocolate can contribute to better weight

This may be one of the most surprising factors. Dark chocolate which contains high levels of cocoa can make you feel full. This can contribute to lesser food consumption and hence less fats. In this regard, it is important to keep in mind that you cannot take it too far, as excess consumption will not yield to better weight.

Are you a fan of chocolate? Do you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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