Should Malta continue to participate in the Eurovision?

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual main event and is viewed in anticipation by a significant majority of the local population. Most outcomes for Malta are of disappointment as the country is still yet to clinch the coveted award. Considering that most of the time Malta performs below expectations, many argue that we should no longer participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. 

In view of the fact that Malta has never won this award, many argue that the Eurovision Song Contest brings about an extra expense for the country. This year it transpires that Malta spent more than six hundred and fifty thousand Euro to promote the country’s song. This is deemed to be an incredible amount of money, especially in the midst of an economic contraction and when many valid artists are without work at the present moment.

Auditors are currently investigating concerns as it is believed that funds were used to boost Destiny’s odds with the bookmakers. It has been reported that the six hundred and fifty thousand Euro expense was split between the Malta Tourism Authority and Public Broadcasting Service. Once the figures are finalised, it is expected that they would increase to around seven hundred thousand Euro. Potential financial mismanagement was reported to the Minister responsible for public broadcasting.

Source: Destiny – Je Me Casse – LIVE – Malta ?? – Grand Final – Eurovision 2021 

It has been alleged that part of the marketing budget was spent to finance foreign nationals placing bets on Destiny to win the competition. It is also presumed that the Malta Tourism Authority went exceedingly over budget to promote the song, including expenditure on social media influencers.

Although Destiny performed well on stage, there is still a bitter taste as at one point, she was touted for a win by the bookmakers. Although she performed well with the jury votes, a lot was desired from the European viewers as she got a surprisingly low forty-seven votes. Although Malta placed in seventh place, which is the best ranking for the country since 2005, there remains a feel of disappointment as Destiny was deemed as one of the favourites.

Source: Adele praises Malta: ”You always do really good in the Eurovision”

In the past, there were also enquiries regarding Malta’s spending for the Eurovision Song Contest. This was the case following Ira Losco’s last participation where a large budget was invested to boost her chances of winning. Documents of the campaign included expenses in excess of two hundred thousand Euro, with a final amount which was much higher.

In view of the hefty investment and no tangible success, bar a few close shaves, do you think Malta should continue to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know your views and thoughts in the comments section below.

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