A few tips on how to look younger

Looking younger is a wish for most people, especially as time progresses. Many people work towards the objective of looking younger and in this article, we shall be discussing some tips on how to look more youthful. So if you have been told that you are looking older, read on!

Focus on posture

You have most likely heard about the negative repercussions of bad posture. It can lead to a variety of problems including headaches, neck pain and breathing issues. Together with these, it can also make you look old. One way you can promote bad posture is through slouching on your chair as you are staring into your computer. Sitting up straight and keeping tabs on posture throughout your working routine is an easy way to look younger.

Regular exercise

Apart from the many benefits, exercise also promotes the slowing of aging on a cellular level. Exercise maintains a younger looking skin and reverses aging. If you are exercising outside, make sure to use sunscreen!


Rest is necessary, not only for productivity and work-related purposes but also to keep yourself looking young. Not getting enough sleep will lead to dark circles and redness in the eye areas, dry complexion and breakouts. These make you appear older. Find ways to promote better sleep by steering away from mobile devices at night-time. When it comes to sleeping, doing so on your back is more beneficial. Sleeping on your side or stomach can cause skin damage in the long-term and indentations that look like wrinkles. 

Remain hydrated

Since dehydration dries your skin, it will make you look older and tired. To avoid dehydration drink plenty of water regularly. This should apply even more extensively in the summer months when temperatures are high.

Maintain moist skin

Keeping your skin moist promotes a look of youthfulness. This is especially so as people age, where skin becomes thinner and less moist. Good skin moisturisers maintain healthier looking skin as they prevent tearing, bruising, whilst stretching the skin, making it look less wrinkled.

Maintain a healthy diet

You are what you eat. Eating nutritious food allows you to remain healthy and look younger. Research finds that those who indulge in more vitamin C had lesser wrinkles and dryness. 

Avoid alcohol

Excessive amounts of alcohol harm your body in several ways. The dehydration associated with it can impact your skin making it dry and reducing iron levels, also triggering hair loss.

Any other tips to maintain a young look? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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