A New Round of Vouchers

Positive news for the Maltese community as the Prime Minister Robert Abela announced another initiative involving the distribution of vouchers. As Malta is progressing at a rapid pace in its vaccination programme, with low daily cases being reported, the next phase is that of revitalising Malta’s economy.

The vouchers’ initiative is aimed to boost the local economy giving a well-needed push to the hospitality and retail sectors. All residents over the age of sixteen are eligible for these vouchers, which are aimed to reboot the economy that was severely hampered by the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Residents will be receiving vouchers worth a hundred Euro, sixty of which can be used in restaurants and tourist establishments and forty Euro in retail and beauty outlets. Those foreigners who hold a residence permit will also receive these vouchers. These can be used as from the seventh of June, with an investment of fifty million Euro being allocated by government.

Source: Watch: PM launches second round of consumer vouchers

Commenting on the initiative, the Prime Minister stated that the last round in the summer generated more than what was seen at face value. He also emphasised that this initiative will positively impact everyone.

This same initiative last year generated activity for almost two thousand workers. This year’s round is expected to yield greater benefits considering that people are now feeling safer following vaccination.

The Minister for Economic Services Silvio Schembri stated that the red vouchers can be used for restaurants and tourist establishments whilst the blue ones for shops, clubs and beauty outlets. Four red vouchers of fifteen Euro each and four blue ones of ten Euro each will be distributed.

An astounding number of twenty-five thousand businesses can get paid through these vouchers. 

Different from the last round, people are able to download the vouchers on their smartphone instead of receiving them via postal mail. Up till Friday 4th June, people can download these from https://wallet.vouchersmimcol.com/ and saved on their phones. The benefits of this would be that you will always have your vouchers with you, as long as you have your phone within arm’s reach. Downloading them means that they will be immediately available on the 7th of June, with no need to wait for the postal delivery. These vouchers can also be transferred to other people.

The vouchers will expire on the fifteenth of September. Are you looking forward to your vouchers? Have you already downloaded them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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