Israel Facing an Unwelcoming Reality

As Israel seems to have turned the tide with respect to the pandemic, in view of the highly efficient vaccination programme, the country is once again faced with a harsh reality, that of war. The conflict between Israel and Palestine is yet another major crisis in the world.

In the latest developments, Israel launched air strikes on Gaza, leading to a dramatic impact. On the other hand, Palestinian militants fired rocket salvoes at Tel Aviv and other cities. The conflict seems to show no signs of ceasing. The subsequent death toll is also shocking with diplomatic efforts so far yielding no tangible results.

The military of Israel brought to ruin a tower block in Gaza City, which served to cater for the operations of the U.S. Associated Press and Qatar-based Al-Jazeera media, together with other offices and apartments. Warning in advance was given by Israel of the strike so that the tower could be vacated.

The carnage impacted Tel Aviv where residents were compelled to seek shelter as militants fired rockets at them. One residential block was hit badly, where a fifty-year-old man was killed.

At the time of writing, it was announced by Palestinians that at least a hundred and thirty-nine people were killed in Gaza. This includes thirty-nine children. Medics from Israel have reported that ten people died, which includes two children. Another six people were in critical condition.

Source: Israel, Hamas vie for victory in an inconclusive war as impoverished Palestinians pay the price-World News

The assault was launched by Hamas over tensions in relation to a court case to evict several Palestinian families in East Jerusalem and in retaliation for Israeli police clashes with Palestinians near the city’s al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site.

The repercussions of these clashes are horrendous and unimaginable for many. People are receiving calls when they are settled inside their homes, that they need to leave their dwellings because it is being targeted for hits. Families have ended up homeless, sleeping in the streets amidst the chaos caused by explosions. It has become customary for Israelis to seek cover and shelter during different times of the day and night.

Source: DNA Explainer: The ‘Gaza’ issue? Real reason behind Israel-Palestine conflict

The United States Embassy emphasised in one of its statements the importance of sustainable calm. The conflict between Israel and Gaza has also raised tension within Israel’s different communities including Jews and Arabs. Synagogues have perished due to attacks, shops were vandalised and street fights are now increasingly evident. The president of Israel himself has warned of civil war.

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