Polyamory Relationships

The concept of polyamory goes very much against what we have grown accustomed to in mainstream media. We have gotten used to the concept that a person should eventually find “the one”. This would be the individual that one will get to spend his or her entire life with.

Polyamory allows one to engage in consenting relationships with more than one person at the same time, meaning that it goes against the convention. Different people will have various perceptions when it comes to polymerous relationships. Some find it as a perfect solution, whilst others may perceive it as complicated or confusing. Others may find this as a recipe for disaster.

The concept of polyamory has been around for centuries, yet has been gaining more popularity recently. The reason for this is because it is becoming all the more featured in television shows and celebrities also admit they are in open relationships. Polyamory is also defined as consensual, meaning that partners approach it in a transparent way, rather than concealing it.

Just because polyamory allows more flexibility in the different relationships one engages in, this does not mean that no rules can be adopted. Some partners may decide to develop rules and best practices about what works best between them. Such guidelines may include honesty and proactivity when it comes to sexual health and regular communication. Considering that things may delve into complexity, partners can opt to try and find loopholes to these rules, especially where jealousy exists.

For those who are not too familiar with the concept of polyamory, having two partners means that one is for real whilst the other is for fun. For those who are well-versed in polyamory, asking them which partner they prefer is like telling them to choose their favourite child or parent. The reason for this is because culturally, most of us have been led to believe that we can only care about one person romantically. 

Whilst open relationships are normally associated with sexual encounters that do not typically develop into anything that is emotionally worthwhile, polyamory is driven by love and deeper connections. 

What are your views on polyamory relationships? Do you think that they are becoming more commonly accepted? Have you ever engaged in such a relationship? Let us know your thoughts, views and experiences in the comments section below.

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