Malta Set for Semi-Complete Opening

Over the past months, Malta has had to juggle through different restrictions to contain the spread of COVID-19. This was coupled with an exhaustive vaccination campaign which has been ongoing since the start of the year. As Malta has just recorded that sixty percent of its adult population has received the first dose of the vaccine, many are now looking forward to the subsequent relieving of restrictions, as herd immunity looms near. 

As herd immunity is expected to be achieved by June, the coming weeks are exciting in the sense that it is planned that restrictions will be relieved. Restaurants are currently open till 17:00, targeting clients for lunches mainly at the present moment. Restrictions on restaurants and gyms are expected to be eased towards the end of May. When it comes to bars, theatres and cinemas, these will reopen in June. 

Should the situation remain stable as it currently is, we can expect that as from the 17th of May, the elderly will be allowed to have more people visiting them for longer stretches of time. 

The 24th of May is also earmarked as an important day considering that restaurants and snack bars will be allowed to remain open until midnight. Gyms are also allowed to reopen, however no classes can be held. Pools will be allowed to reopen until 20:00, only for swimming. Day centres will be allowed to reopen as well. 

As from the first of June, language schools can start to greet students once more. Weddings would be able to take place, although with seated attendees, with one hundred people inside and three hundred outside. Mask-wearing restrictions near beaches and pools will also be lifted as from the beginning of June.

From the 7th of June onwards, restaurants will be able to host six people per table. The rule of six will also be permitted in public. This day is also set to mark the reopening of cinemas and theatres, together with bars and kazini, who can only serve customers that are seated. Contact sports are also set to resume.

As from the 28th of June onwards, summer schools can reopen with contact sports for those younger than seventeen being allowed.

With respect to mass events, these are still quite premature to discuss, with traditional feasts not expected for this summer. Large groups of people congregating in mass events is simply not a good idea at this point in time.

As pointed out by the Minister for Health, Chris Fearne, the timeline discussed will heavily depend on the low numbers of recorded cases.

What do you make of Malta’s reopening plan? Do you have any thoughts? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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