The COVID-19 Situation in the UK

The United Kingdom is heading towards normality. Following a significant number of inoculations, pubs and restaurants were allowed to re-open, with restrictions, as the UK is easing its measures. 

Pubs and restaurants in England may tend to diners and drinkers outside, even in view of the forecasted cold temperatures. This is indeed a welcome development following several months of lockdown.

The UK has also allowed the re-opening of barbers and hairdressers. Following three months after Britons were imposed with a stay-at-home order, the re-opening of barbers and hairdressers is indeed a welcome development. Shopping is expected to flourish as consumers are geared to make up for lost time and as the retail sector is seeking a swift recovery following the hard-hit impacts of the pandemic.

The UK has also given the nod for indoor gyms, swimming pools, libraries and zoos. Following numerous bookings, self-catering domestic holidays are also on. 

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, had forward-looking comments, referring to the easing of restrictions as a “major step forward” for freedom. He goes on to say that the latest lifting of measures will serve as a relief for business owners that have been closed for several months. He also stated that this is an opportunity for people to go back to doing things that they enjoy and have missed.

Although normality is finally creeping in, politicians, scientists and health officials have warned against complacency. Even though more than sixty percent of adults have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, caution is still strongly advised. It is expected that the vaccination campaign will prevent an extensive number of serious cases of COVID-19, following the onslaught in 2020, where the UK recorded one of the worst death tolls in the world. This is coupled with the economic devastation due to the restrictions, closures and uncertainty.

Social restrictions are expected to be lifted on the 21st of June. Countries such as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are managing their restrictions through less widespread easing.

Within the UK, mass events and parties are taking place. Attendees would need to be vaccinated or else produce a negative COVID-19 test. Many attendees spoke about their relief at being able to attend such events after a long time locked inside. 

Only time will tell of the success of these restrictions. With the current inoculation levels, the UK is on track to achieving herd immunity. Looking forward to a trip to the UK? We are!

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