Malta is opening up for summer

Malta currently finds itself in a stage where a substantial amount of people has been vaccinated against COVID-19, daily cases are low and restrictions being slowly lifted. In a press conference, the Prime Minister Robert Abela re-iterated the country’s intent for a summer of work, whereby Malta will be open for tourists.

In Malta’s gradual lifting of restrictions, following schools and non-essential shops, restaurants and snack bars will follow. Although they are allowed to re-open on the 10th of May, opening hours will be restricted till 17:00. After that, they would be allowed to resume with take-away services. 

The gradual lifting of restrictions, will allow up to four people to meet in public, instead of two, also accompanied with the limit of four households that can meet in private residences. The gradual re-opening is due to the successful way that Malta has managed to control the numbers of infections with the situation at the hospital being a positive one.

On the 10th May, contact and non-contact sport training will resume. These will be accompanied by extracurricular events and open markets, with the restrictions on Gozo travel also to be lifted.

In view of the fact that Malta is applying an aggressive offensive strategy through its vaccination efforts and implementing a defensive approach through restrictions, it seems that the country is well en route to exiting the pandemic. It was also announced by the Prime Minister that more measures will be put forward to help people negatively impacted more. It was also stated by the Prime Minister that vouchers will be issued soon in a bid to boost the economy.

Whilst we are tangibly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, existing protocols must continue to be observed as stated by Malta’s Health Minister, Chris Fearne. Although the situation is under control in Malta, the same cannot be said for other countries in certain parts of the globe. India, being one of the worst hit at this present moment has its health system overwhelmed due to the emergence of its own variant. This contrasts significantly with the situation in Malta where fewer people are hospitalised.

As we speak, those over forty in Malta can apply for their vaccine, online. A significant majority of those over fifty have already been inoculated with others having their appointment in the coming days.

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