A Football Super League

The football world was taken by storm in the past couple of days. A hard-hitting announcement involving some of the game’s most successful and elite clubs stated their intent to create a tournament of their own, exiting Europe’s highly fierce competition, the Champions League.

Why the Super League

The outline of the Super League presented a very lucrative financial proposal for all participants, with the Champions League earnings falling well-behind following comparison. The project, which was being supported by JP Morgan provided new hope to football clubs following the crunch caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The top football clubs have been impacted with significant loss of revenues, which will affect their transfer markets going forward. The creation of this Super League would have given these clubs the light at the end of the tunnel from a financial point of view.

The move for a Super League seems to have been thwarted. Why is that?

No space for elitism in football

Many football supporters have expressed their rage at the concept of a Super League. The reason for this being that the elite will detach themselves from the rest in European football competitions. The current format allows the teams that performed most well domestically to participate in the Champions League. With the proposed Super League, the present clubs that are currently the best will have access to this European competition without the need to perform well in their respective domestic leagues. They will also have access to financing which will create large gaps between them and smaller clubs, making it difficult for the rest to ever achieve elite status. It is argued by several football commentators, that the beauty of the sport also revolves around the fact that smaller clubs can build good teams that can challenge for titles. Creating such financial discrepancies will make these scenarios less common. The uproar amongst football supporters has led to several clubs abandoning the initiative, issuing apologies to their fan bases and the football world in general.

Sanctions by UEFA

The governing football body, UEFA, also made it clear that the participation of these teams in a new competition is unacceptable. Together with unquantified sanctions, the football body stated that the players of these clubs would be barred from participating in the World Cup and the respective domestic leagues. A number of players and managers of these elite football clubs expressed their concerns regarding this project.

What are your views about this Super League? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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