Traits of Untrustworthy People

In today’s society, trusting people can turn out to be quite difficult. This may be due to the fact that you may have been backstabbed or betrayed by others, making it difficult to trust going forward. In this article, we shall be discussing the traits you should be careful of, that are typical for untrustworthy people.

Lack of integrity

Integrity equates to trustworthiness, which is why you need to be careful of those who lack it. People that do not keep their word and break promises lack such integrity, making them untrustworthy. Those with integrity would typically safeguard their reputation and remain loyal to their word.

No trust in others

Those who are untrustworthy find it difficult to trust others. This psychological framework does indeed make sense as someone who has no issue in being untrustworthy would not imagine that others could care much about trust. The more suspicious they are, the worse their behaviour. This would consist of accusing innocent people of actions that they are not responsible for. Such an example may include a boss accusing his subordinates of cheating a business, simply because he is performing that particular action.


Being unreliable and not trustworthy go hand in hand. You simply cannot trust that they will keep their end of the bargain. They tend to be late and come up with several excuses to justify their consistently disappointing behaviour.

Rule breaking and no respect for boundaries

Basic decency requires us to abide by established rules and clear boundaries. Although untrustworthy people may appear to uphold certain values, a true assessment of their character may be made when they are with people whom they are familiar, such as family members who may hold little power over them. In these contexts, they can become quite overwhelming as they approach things and discussions with the belief that they can get away with what they please.

Lacking empathy

Another common trait of untrustworthy people is that of lacking empathy. They care less for the feelings of others and do not invest the time to understand things from another person’s viewpoint. They would ignore, seem unaware and at some points even enjoy the discomfort and pain that others are going through.

Dominating discussions

Untrustworthy people enjoy control and one way in which this is manifested is through their attempted domination during discussions. They end up speaking and voicing their views far more than others even if their points are not as valid.

In certain instances, they tend to be charming individuals which allows them to bypass suspicion. Only through experience you will be able to determine just how untrustworthy a person may be. 

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