How to Quit Smoking

Smoking is renowned as one of the worst habits, leading to health detriment. On a regular basis, you would encounter someone struggling with smoking, seeking a way to quit. Such a person can be you, that may be facing a torrid time with quitting smoking.

 A very typical scenario is to have someone committing to stop smoking, yet only end up with a pack of cigarettes in his palm. Having to quit smoking is most definitely not one of the easiest feats to accomplish. In this article, we will be sharing a number of hints to help you quit smoking.

Avoid those activities you associate with smoking

Smoking is typically associated with another activity. Some people light a cigarette whilst they are drinking a beer or a scotch. To avoid smoking, you would do well to steer away from the activities that trigger it. For some people, a coffee needs to be accompanied with a cigarette. The same can apply to going out and meeting friends.

Remove the associations

To help yourself with the plan to abandon cigarettes, you need to remove the items that you associate with them such as ashtrays and lighters. Consider investing in some air fresheners to remove the smells left about by smoking.

Physical exercise

Apart from the obvious health benefits, physical exercise will help you fight off your smoking cravings. When discussing physical activity, one may also consider a comforting walk.

Reward yourself

If you are managing to maintain discipline and avoiding smoking, do reward yourself. Just make sure that your reward is not something which is worse from a health point of view than an actual cigarette! Give yourself healthy rewards when you feel that you have endured a consistent run of no smoking.

Seek support

You do not need to endure the burden of quitting smoking on your own. If you are feeling that quitting altogether may be too overwhelming, seek those whom you enjoy their company, or feel comfortable speaking to. This can provide for some well-needed encouragement.

Remember why you are quitting

Keep in mind the reason why you are quitting. There are several benefits relating to ceasing smoking, predominantly for your health. Whenever you feel tempted to light just one, remember that consistency and results take significant effort.

Are you a smoker? Do you wish to stop? Perhaps you have experience with quitting already. Let us know in the comments section below.

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