Vaccine Passports. Are they necessary?

There are several discussions surrounding vaccine passports. To define, a vaccine passport is a government-issued travel document aimed at indicating a safe status for the traveller or passenger. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, those who have already been vaccinated would be eligible for such passport status, considering that they are likely to have achieved a certain degree of immunity.

In this article, we shall be discussing the necessity or lack thereof of vaccine passports. 

What are the ramifications of a vaccine passport?

The ramifications of a vaccine passport are yet to be properly defined. What will a vaccine passport allow you to do that you cannot as of today? Should vaccine passports be the key to travelling, eating out and attending events, the level of priority associated with these would be extremely high. If by not taking a vaccine, you will be held back from resuming the life you are accustomed to, this will create several pressures and the demand for them would be extremely high. Can you imagine having to bar yourself from entertainment due to the lack of a vaccine passport?

Should a vaccine passport be made necessary for day-to-day life?

Many would argue that if vaccine passports become necessary for daily life, it means that inoculations will become compulsory for most. This may be a controversial decision as people would be indirectly forced to take a vaccine. In view of recent reports about potential side-effects surrounding vaccines, people may be less inclined, to get inoculated. In this regard, people might not take too kindly to being vaccinated against their will.

The pandemic has permanently changed the world. When restrictions are lifted, an increase in cases ensues. It seems that without scientific intervention and appropriate medicine, countries will overwhelm their health systems, with people dying without receiving the appropriate care. On the other hand of the spectrum, there are those who will argue that it is one’s civic duty to take the jab. It is also argued that to promote safety throughout and allow people to enjoy their outings with peace of mind, all should be vaccinated, to reduce the potential spread.

What are your views regarding the vaccination campaign and potential passports? Would you be in agreement with such passports or should a more liberal approach be adopted? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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