Pandemic Fatigue

The past couple of months have been a surreal experience for most people around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted most people around the world in different ways. People have been affected through their personal finances, job security and mental health, to mention a few.

A longer-term trauma

When restrictions were imposed, many were under the impression that this would be a temporary rut until the situation gets under control. At most, it was envisaged that the fear surrounding the pandemic would subside after a few weeks. As time has indicated, this was an incorrect impression. Across the world it has been a rough ride with different phases where cases would spike and subside, with some shocks along the way as restrictions were eased.

Restrictions taking their toll

Considering that people have been juggling with restrictions for over a year now, an element of pandemic fatigue has become evident. People are facing restrictions when it comes to entertainment and travel, being mostly confined within their homes. This must also be considered in the context that for a couple of weeks parents had to work from home whilst keeping their children in check during online lessons. As expected, this has created a demand for some tranquillity and relaxation as the pandemic is brought to a halt. The available vaccines are seen as the main route out of these restrictions and a couple of months are still expected for enough inoculations to reach the desired stage of herd immunity.

Demand created for leisure

These hard times have brought about a higher demand for leisure activities including dining out, entertainment and travelling. In view of this pandemic fatigue, many are looking forward to the day when they can enjoy their preferred leisurely activities. In this regard, we can expect a boom of entertainment activities once governments decide that restrictions are no longer necessary and that we can revert to our normal lifestyles.

In view of the duration of this pandemic, one notices that people are seemingly losing discipline in keeping up with restrictions. In fact, there are several reports that people seem to be congregating in private spaces, inviting people over to their homes and in certain instances organising parties. Whilst it must be said that such activities are irresponsible during the course of an easily spreadable pandemic, these can be attributed to a certain degree of pandemic fatigue where people are yearning for their normal lives.

Pandemic fatigue took its toll on most people. When do you think we can start envisaging a normal life? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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