Game of Thrones Play in the Works

Game of Thrones has to be one of the most popular television shows in recent times. The series which brought about the new world concept of the Seven Kingdoms with numerous factions targeting power, captured the attention and loyal viewership of millions around the world. Following eight seasons, many would have believed that the story came to a glorious end and rightly so.

In recent reports, it has been announced that Game of Thrones will be converted to a play. This will include key characters that made the series highly successful. It is expected to be launched on stage in 2023. The play is set to take place in an important moment in the history of the series. 

It is said that work has been kick started prior to the pandemic. The play will be centred round the Harrenhal tournament, which is to have taken place seventeen years before the first season. The way the play is planned seems to be intended to create a sense of familiarity and nostalgia as a number of the protagonists and popular characters from the books and series will feature.

This is not the only Game of Thrones related project that is currently in the works. A prequel series called House of the Dragon is expected for launch in 2022.

Considering the success of the series, any potentially related story is guaranteed to gather interest. In the United States alone, the series gathered twenty-three million viewers. It holds a record number of Emmy Awards for a television series and has been broadcast in over a hundred and seventy countries. It also seems to be the most pirated television show ever.

The show is renowned for its exceptional attention to detail. Just one particular scene which features Daenerys Targaryen flying on the back of a dragon, taking a total of thirty seconds, took sixteen days to shoot. One of the major battles in the series took six months of work!

Game of Thrones is also renowned for its dramatic and controversial moments. Such include scenes that would upset some due to excessive violence and sexual explicitness. One of the main areas which the series stands out on is its special effects, surpassing most television shows in this regard.

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Looking forward to more works surrounding this universe? Let us know in the comments section below.

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