COVID-19 Cases are Descending. What now?

Following a shock to the system where Malta registered over five hundred COVID-19 cases in one day, the Government announced tighter restrictions in a bid to curb the impacts of the pandemic. During the press conference, the Government announced that the restrictions will remain in force until the 11th of April.

The restrictions put in place include the shift to online lessons, where students are once again learning from home. Another notable measure is the closure of restaurants and other non-essential shops. Restaurants can still offer their services through takeaway.

Following a few days, case numbers dived and today Malta is recording around fifty cases a day and sometimes even less. This is accompanied with a pleasant number of recoveries every day, and a less shocking daily death toll. The results achieved following a few weeks of restrictions are indeed well-received and we may have performed better than expected. This is combined with the fact that vaccinations are progressing and with each passing day, higher immunity is being reached. At the time of writing, forty percent of Malta’s adult population have received the first dose of the vaccine. In view of the latest developments, we shall be discussing the potential outcomes as the 11th April looms.

Gradual relieving of restrictions

Considering that Malta is now well below the one thousand mark of active cases, pressure on hospitals should be relieved. In view of the fact, that we have fewer cases, Government may consider the gradual releasing of restrictions. Such can include the opening of schools with students attending their lessons physically. The release of restrictions may also include the opening of restaurants, with a set capping of maximum individuals per table to minimise risks of the virus spreading. This is expected to be followed by higher numbers, however the country would hope that these would remain manageable, especially when considering that no major feasts or holidays are in the pipeline.

Extension of current measures for a month or two

Whilst Malta has indeed scored better results ever since the latest set of restrictions were implemented, the pandemic is not yet over. In view of the fact that there is still a way to go in our vaccination programme, relieving of measures might not be perceived as the wisest move. Recent reports seem to indicate that all eligible adults will have received their first dose by early June. This timeframe may be established as the most ideal to relieve us of restrictions.

What are your views on the current restrictions? Should they be relaxed after the 11th of April or should we wait further? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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