5 Places to Visit once the Pandemic is Over

The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to significant strain on mental health. One of the reasons for this is because the pandemic restricts much of the activities we enjoy. Such an activity is travelling, and many are keenly following the vaccination developments to see when they can book their next flight. In this article, we shall be discussing some countries you may consider visiting once the pandemic is behind us and herd immunity is achieved.


The UK exiting the European Union will surely not prohibit most Maltese travellers from visiting. After a hard couple of months, many of us do deserve to stroll around shops and indulge in excessive buying. Apart from the opportunity to visit multiple retail outlets, you can experience several museums, pub life and exciting theatre plays. Whilst roaming through the streets of England, you can also get to sit down and enjoy an authentic English breakfast.


The culture that this country boasts is impeccable. Several museums, bespoke architecture and paintings may be enjoyed in Italy. From the impressive Duomo, to the Vatican in Rome and high culture in Florence, you are guaranteed a remarkable vacation in Italy. The food is also divine and through experience, you will identify good restaurants that deliver exceptional meals at good prices.


If you have never visited the States, Miami is a good place to start. If you are only accustomed to travelling within Europe, Miami will wow you. As can be expected from the United States, everything is seemingly larger than life like. If you are planning a trip to this exciting destination, the summer would be ideal to enjoy parties, night life and Miami beach.


This country has a lot to offer. Together with its exceptional climate throughout most of the year, places such as Barcelona and Madrid are guaranteed to captivate you. These are the centres of activity in Spain, however if you are seeking something towards a more relaxed tune, you may consider the sunny Canary Islands.

Following the closure of the pandemic, a trip to Ibiza might be worth your while. Considering that we have been deprived of parties for over a year now, this will be the natural destination of choice for many. Considered as mainly a party island, it is popular with those of a younger age. With that said, there is no reason why Ibiza should not appeal to those of an older generation or for a family trip. The reason for this lies behind the north of the country, which is naturally beautiful and peaceful, together with the numerous beaches that promote relaxation.

Where are you heading post pandemic? Let us know in the comments section below.

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