Is Bernard Grech a Prime Minister in the making?

Having been elected as Leader of the Opposition a few months ago, Bernard Grech is working towards making inroads within the Nationalist Party to transform it into a solid option for the coming general election. Although the pandemic is on everyone’s mind at the moment, there are many shouts that an election could be on the cards after the COVID-19 tragedy is behind us.

Recent polls do indicate that the current Leader of Opposition is making some ground. In view of the situation, restrictions and economic difficulties caused by the pandemic, the Prime Minister Robert Abela may be losing some of the popularity that the Labour party benefitted extensively from. 

Source: Bernard Grech appeals for national unity, new vision

Bernard Grech has been very vocal regarding his views on how the COVID-19 pandemic is being handled within Maltese shores. His message is that the current predicament could have been avoided, simply if precautions were taken earlier. He stated that the current measures are now unavoidable due to the fact that less drastic ones were not implemented earlier. 

The Leader of Opposition emphasised that although the elderly have been vaccinated, they are still forced to live in lockdown. This is indeed sad, especially when considering that other countries are gradually opening up.

Bernard Grech stated that Robert Abela was not accurate and realistic when discussing the pandemic. Over the past months, there were messages from the Government that the pandemic was behind us. He emphasised that although people were willing to make the necessary sacrifices, they were given an incorrect picture and false hopes.

The Opposition Leader went into the party’s current standing. With respect to its debts, according to him, these are being managed. According to Grech, the party’s objective is not only to make income to pay off those debts, but to have enough funds for the next general election.

Source: PN shadow cabinet reshuffle announced

The momentum that Bernard Grech is building is being helped by the woes that are haunting the Labour party. Apart from the pandemic, the Labour party is battling a tarnished reputation, which is currently being investigated by serious European bodies such as Moneyval. In latest news, the former Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister has been arraigned, in a move which sees him behind bars. Although these events go beyond the current Prime Minister’s control, the tarnished reputation of the Labour party will definitely work to Grech’s advantage. Only time will tell whether Bernard Grech will be able to capitalise and win the majority’s votes in the upcoming election.

What do you make of Bernard Grech? Do you think he is a Prime Minister in the making? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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