What you should not consume before sleep

What you should not consume before sleep

Some people just dread going to bed hungry. Going to bed on an empty stomach is definitely an uncomfortable experience for most. Munching in the evening is an activity that most would look forward to, especially after a hard day’s work.

Most of us may have experienced the troubling sensation of consuming something that would just ruin the night. Although you may eat or drink to avoid the hunger pangs during the night, you can end up tossing and turning for hours. Having interrupted sleep is indeed an unenjoyable experience and a number of times, it is related to what we eat. The reality of the situation is that certain foods can cause a number of problems to your digestion system, interrupting your sleep in the process. In this article, we shall be discussing the items you should avoid consuming before sleep.

Fried food

Whilst fried food items are normally associated with a mouth-watering experience, and are too tempting during the evening, you should avoid before sleep. Fatty food items that contain grease make it harder for the body to process when compared to protein and carbs. This means that your digestive system would be working in full swing, whilst your body is trying to sleep.

Spicy sauces

Whilst spicy food items are indeed pleasurable, you should avoid these before going to bed. They may irritate the stomach and cause heartburn, making a good sleep difficult to achieve. It may also promote the release of histamines, which induce wakefulness.


This one may surprise you, as alcohol is normally associated with knocking you out and promoting better sleep. Whilst this is indeed the common belief, when you are in bed, your liver would still be working to remove the alcohol out of your system. There is a connection between the liver and heart, which will keep it pounding faster throughout the night, making it difficult to maintain consistent sleep.


You may already be aware that caffeine does not promote good sleep. Coffee is not the only source of caffeine. Chocolate contains it too, so you should avoid this before sleep time.


As much as possible, avoid coffee after early afternoon. Your sleep will thank you for it.


Whilst water is ideal for hydration and you should consume frequently, try to avoid as bedtime approaches. An additional load of liquid can interrupt your deep sleep as you would need to go to the loo.

Workout shakes and snacks

Such consumables are normally driven to optimise physical performance for those that hit the gym regularly. Consuming these before you sleep is likely to keep you pumped up at night, which is not beneficial.

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