Sex and Calories

There are plenty of ways to burn calories and shed some fat. When thinking about burning calories, you would imagine physical activity such as cardio, weights and swimming. One other type of activity is also associated with burning calories and that is sex.

Have you ever wondered whether sexual activity will reduce your weight gain? Do you think that increasing activity will benefit your weight? You may be disappointed to hear that the amount of calories that you will burn through sex is not significant. Many people tend to overestimate the amount of calories they can burn through sex. According to research, men burned just above a hundred calories with thirty-minute activity whilst women burned just short of seventy. 

In a nutshell, this illustrates that sex cannot be compared to moderate intensity exercise, even though the impact is still notable. Although you should not therefore, use sexual activity as your sole strategy for weight loss, there are some ways to optimise the experience and we will be discussing how your next sexual venture may be more to your physical benefit.

More time

The more time you spend on sex, the more calories you are likely to burn. So plan a bit earlier to combat the fatigue which may reduce your sex timeframe

The ideal temperature

It would make sense to cater for an appropriate temperature as you get beneath the sheets. Your heater may be your best friend here, as the warmer the room is, the more you will sweat and hence the calories burned will also increase.

Experiment with different positions

You may find that different positions will require more effort and this increases your calorie burning. If you opt for the same and usual standard positions such as missionary, less effort will be required and it would be harder to break a sweat.

Apart from burning fat, there are other health benefits of sex. These include a healthier heart. Research by the American Journal of Cardiology reports that men who had sex at least twice per week were less likely to develop heart disease than those who did for only once a month. This is combined with the fact that sexual activity dilutes stress and improves sleep quality.

Although there is different evidence indicating how much calories you will burn with sexual activity, it would be safe to assume three to four per minute. Ready to hit the sheets?

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