The Internet is Spying on You

You may be aware that you are indeed being stalked irrespective of whether you are in your car, taking a walk or at home watching television. Privacy is one of the main topics of our generation and as most have accounts with internet giants such as Google and Facebook, we are not too familiar with how our internet activity data is being used. Knowing this, most users will still click on “I Agree” when visiting a website, with little regard to the data that may be collected about them. In this article, we shall discuss how your devices that are connected to the internet may be collecting your data.


Internet-connected smart TV’s may cost less than they used to, but they collect data related to your interests. This is in turn being used by marketers to effectively target audiences based on their viewing preferences.

Smart speakers

We have many assistants today in the form of smart speakers. Such include Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. These software tools can hear everything you say when you are in range of their microphones. Based on what you say, the parent companies of these devices can collect data in relation to your interests.


Through cars, data may be collected, when we connect our phones. Such data would typically include the people we call and text. This would naturally raise the question as to what is being done with the data that is being collected.

Mobile phones

These devices are some of the most obvious. Mobile phones are able to collect data based on our locations, interests and behaviours. Considering all the information compiled on your phone, it is a data mine that you would want to keep private. This is especially so, considering that we tend to access most of our social media channels and emails through our phones.

Considering that giant companies such as Google and Facebook have been involved in controversy regarding the way they manage their data, is this enough to stop you from using these platforms? We have grown so accustomed to the convenience brought about by different devices that it is practically impossible to detach. What do you think about the subject of data and privacy? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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