Oxford COVID Vaccine Reaches Maltese Shores

Considering that we have went through a difficult couple of months, good news is indeed welcome. Here is one which should definitely raise your spirits. The COVID-19 vaccine produced by Oxford and distributed by AstraZeneca represents another weapon in our fight against the pandemic. This vaccine has landed on Maltese shores on Sunday and are we excited to see the positive impacts that this will bring.

The arrival of this vaccine comes at impeccable timing, especially when considering that most of those that are over eighty-five have been inoculated. Recent data is also quite encouraging as it reports that hospital admissions in Mater Dei of those eighty-five and over due to COVID-19 have decreased by eighty percent. This remarkable figure may be associated with the fact that the festivities cases are slowly getting under control, together with the development that a significant number of those vulnerable have already been inoculated, which means that they benefit from a certain degree of immunity.

The Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne referred to the vaccine provided by Astrazeneca as another cannon against COVID-19. The arrival of this vaccine was announced via Chris Fearne’s Twitter profile. This vaccine is the third to have arrived on Maltese shores, following the highly effective ones that were produced by Pfizer and Moderna. The Oxford vaccine was approved by the EU medicines regulator on the 30th January. This means that all countries within the European Union may proceed with inoculation.

A few days ago, Chris Fearne stated in Parliament that Malta confirmed a million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. In this regard, those aged between eighteen and fifty-five will be getting this particular vaccine. This is due to the fact that not enough studies are made to establish the efficacy that it will have on older people. Together with the million ordered from AstraZeneca, Malta also has booked six hundred and fifty thousand doses from Pfizer and two hundred and seventy thousand doses from Moderna. The excess vaccines will either be sold or donated.

In terms of its timeline, Malta is currently in the second phase with those who are over eighty, together with frontliners being inoculated.

What do you make of this recent news? Are you looking forward to getting the shot? Let us know in the comments section below.

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