The Leap to Management

Currently seeking a job in management? You are not the only one. Several people seek such jobs and according to a recent study by Deloitte, two out of every three millennials expect to leave their current job in the coming years to acquire such a position. Whilst there are those managers that are responsible for projects and other tasks, without having employees reporting to them, leadership is normally associated with people management. In this article, we shall share some tips on how to land yourself in the management suite.

Understanding your attributes

To prepare yourself for a managerial role, it is important to understand your strengths, weaknesses and what you will be required to work on. Knowing your traits well will enable you to adapt accordingly. Can you manage your temper? Can you speak confidently to a team or a group of people? You may also find that your traits and attributes may not allow management to be a fulfilling experience for you. Let us for example say that your current role requires you to be very creative, and you would typically enjoy that. Jumping into management may not require you to be as creative but would need you to apply other skills, which could excite you less.

Communicate your aspirations

To achieve the desired managerial role, more often than not, you will need to speak up. Your ambitions need to be made clear with your superiors. It is very normal to have aspirations for growth, so speaking up should not be viewed as something negative. One common mistake is that people would automatically assume that their superiors are associating their hard work with a more senior position.

Set a plan

Discuss your career roadmap with your superior and set up a plan including the objectives that need to be achieved together with the timeframes. This will allow you to justify your promotion and make the role you are seeking more achievable.

Keep your options open

You may discuss with your superior the possibilities and options to acquire a managerial role. You can also decide to have a look at what is available in the market, meeting with other companies to evaluate how you may possibly fit in. This should especially be the case if you have already reached your perceived potential within the company. In this regard, you should always keep your CV looking professional, sharp and updated with your latest accomplishments.

These are just some tips which may help you to take the leap to management. Do you have any others to recommend? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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