What do People Fear Most in a Relationship?

Relationships are a sensitive topic. They are valued by most people and hence would bring their own insecurities. The level of insecurity would vary depending on the person, outlook and individual experience. In this article, we shall discuss some of the things that people fear most in relationships.

Lack of quality time

The issue of time is something most people in a relationship need to fight against. Many people are accustomed to packed schedules and the lack of quality time makes it difficult for most couples. In this regard, the lack of quality time becomes an issue of concern which could damage relationships and cause several problems. Naturally, this has become a growing point of concern where partners deem quality time as one of the essential foundations for any successful relationship and the lack of it creates tension.


This is one of the main relationship breakers. Insecurity may arise in relationships, especially when attention from third parties is involved. Considering that cases of infidelity have increased and are becoming more exposed than in the past years, a significant number of people are insecure. This is also accompanied by the fact that the opportunities for infidelity have generally increased as people become more exposed to their colleagues and friends rather than family members.

Lack of support

Another area where people become insecure within their relationship is when support is limited. Many people in relationships are insecure when they suspect that their partner would not be able to support them to the extent required. Support is necessary on several levels, including financially, when it comes to home roles and chores and the upbringing of the children, amongst several other things. The reason why this is a matter which causes so much concern is because many relationships become strained when the necessary support is not provided, leading to conflict and when unmanaged, resentment.

Health issues

When someone is in a committed relationship, it is quite easy to be concerned or become insecure about the health of your partner or spouse. Any detrimental health issues are linked to the worst fears, especially when one is in love with his or her partner. The reason why health issues cause a lot of anxiety and stress is because they are very difficult to predict and, in some cases, cannot be controlled, thus creating a sense of helplessness.

What do you think about the predominant fears in relationships? Can you think of any others? Let us know in the comments section below.

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