Do you still have a telephone at home?

A modern lifestyle has brought about several changes in the household. In today’s world, we even question whether a landline telephone is necessary within a house. Considering the infinite array of communication channels at our disposal, the landline telephone can be easily replaced.

The telephone can be easily replaced with a mobile phone, social media channels and WhatsApp.

Now, it is important to give the telephone the due credit it deserves. Before it was created, there was no way one could communicate by voice across a distance. It was a major breakthrough which revolutionised communications following the telegraph.

The telephone was created by Alexander Graham Bell and the first call was made when he was a professor at Boston University. With regards to its creation, there was controversy as well. While Bell did indeed gain the upper hand in court, there are historians that give credit to Elisha Gray and Antonio Meucci, who had been working on similar devices.

Back in 1914, the telephone was quite a hot commodity. During the initial stages of World War One, one working telephone had to serve ten people in the United States. Once World War Two was over in 1945, one working phone was allocated for five people. Fast-forward to 1998 and there was a phone available for every man, woman and child in the United States.

Today, the telephone concept has evolved into mobile phones, virtually eliminating the need for a landline telephone.

With that said, people from the older generation still make use of telephones, since other smartphones and software apps may be relatively new to them. The telephone allows for a simplistic way of communicating, that can be understood by most.

One of the reasons why the telephone is being replaced is due to cost. When attempting to call via a landline from one country to another, the costs can be quite high. A video call on the other hand, is free. All you would need is an active internet connection and programmes such as Skype and Messenger that allow you to see the person as well, unlike the traditional landline telephone.

Considering the way that communication technology has evolved over the past years, do you still think that it is worth having a landline telephone at home? Do you own one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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