Smart Animals that will Surprise You

Many would think that several species of animals are intellectually inferior to humans. Whilst humans are indeed intellectually superior to most animal species, there are those creatures that will surprise most. In this article, we shall discuss some examples of these creatures which will leave you astounded.


Finding yourself in a sticky situation? In a study conducted in 1908 by ethologist H.B. David, raccoons were able to pick complex locks, in less than ten tries. This was also the case when the locks were re-arranged or flipped upside-down.


To start off, crows are able to establish, through the faces of certain species whether they are predators or prey. They have proven to ably change entire migration patterns to avoid farms where other crows were killed. Their memory enables them to keep track of city garbage routes so that they may source food droppings. They are indeed smart species.


You may not give an octopus the credit that it is due. Octopi have uncontestably proven that they can escape from tight situations. They can compress their bodies to release themselves from small holes and they have also been recorded to climb out of aquarium tanks. A particular case of one octopus, is that it would throw rocks at the glass of its aquarium and spray water on overhead lamps to short-circuit them.


Grey squirrels are capable of remembering where thousands of nuts are buried. This has been concluded following a study by Princeton University. They are also quite alert and when watched, they have been recorded to dig holes, without placing the nut, hiding it under their armpit or mouth.


These mammals are renowned for their intelligence, in most cases being dubbed as able of using more of their brain capacity than humans. Findings from the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Mississippi are indeed interesting. Dolphins within this Institute were trained to pick up litter, exchanging it with trainers for fish. One dolphin found a way to maximise its rewards by hiding scraps of litter and tearing sheets of paper so that it can benefit and gain more fish. Isn’t that surprisingly smart?


It seems that democracy is also endorsed by bees. These creatures would typically seek a new spot when their hive becomes overcrowded. Following a search, scouts would return to the colony and attempt to convince the others of their suggested spot by performing a dance. Those bees that disagree can argue their case by dancing. Bees that agree can show that they do so by joining in the dance, enabling a democratic process on how the hive spot is selected.

There are more intelligent species to discuss. Any others you have in mind? Let us know in the comments section below.

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