RMF and Cool Ride-Pooling services for your Hour of Need

As we plan for the most wonderful time of the year, our thoughts tend to steer away from negative scenarios, and hence we may lower our guard. During this festive season, it makes perfect sense to purchase an RMF membership or simply download the Cool Ride-Sharing app, and keep the contact details close at hand, for any potential roadside assistance that you may require. This is all the more true for the Festive period, where traffic accidents exceed hundreds. So why should you keep RMF and cool cabs on the top of your mind?

24/7 service

If you want peace of mind when travelling with your vehicle, you would do well to remember that RMF offers a round the clock 24/7 service. If you need any roadside assistance, be it during the dead of night or early morning, RMF has your back. Alternatively, if you plan to have a drink or five, you may as well use the Cool ride-sharing cabs app and play an even safer game.

Well-equipped through ample resources

Both, RMF and Cool Ride-Pooling are renowned for their commitment to efficiency and professionalism towards its continuously growing member base. Keeping member well-being at the forefront of its philosophy, RMF and Cool is constantly investing in its services, professional workers and advanced technology. Today, RMF assists over twenty thousand motorists annually. On a typical busy day, RMF helps around two hundred motorists and in the even busier months such as December, this would go beyond that threshold. Ever since its inception, RMF has assisted over three hundred thousand motorists.

As part of its fleet, RMF holds eighteen tow trucks that are regularly upgraded to ensure that the towing process takes place in a seamless fashion and achieving the main objective of getting the client mobile again. To ensure optimal efficiency, RMF is structured into three main units, including a technical section, a roadside assistance team and administration.

Cool Ride- Sharing are super equipped and ready to take you wherever you need to be, whether via cab arming or individual transportation.

Thorough experience

There are several reasons why RMF and Cool Ride-Sharing, have become household names. The organisations has been giving a sublime service and promoting road safety for years. This solid background provides assurance that RMF can handle any type of vehicle with total care, be it a classic, sports, commercial car or motorcycle. Cool Ride-Sharing can drive you and your friends safely to your desired location, thanks to an extensive fleet and experienced, fully licensed cab drivers.

Support around Europe

RMF offers safe roadside assistance around Europe when one travels with their own vehicle from Malta.

Promoting education

The continued emphasis on road safety is a top priority for RMF and Cool ride-Pooling. This can be seen by their consistent investment in campaigns to promote health and safety. Hence why the two organisations have joined forces for the month of December to encourage safety before everything else, whilst planning to have a good time with family friends and colleagues.

Want to become a member of the RMF? Visit the website by following the below link:

You may also wish to visit the Cool cabs Website and download their apps right away.

Stay safe this festive season.

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