We Maltese are a lucky bunch

Sometimes we are naturally inclined to complain about everything. We tend to criticise excessively and perceive a number of things negatively. This applies also to the criticism we direct towards our birth country. We may complain about bureaucracy and that things may change at a slow pace, however in reality, we are quite lucky to be in Malta. In this article, we shall discuss why.

A thriving economy

Malta holds a robust economy, one of the leading in the European Union. The fact that there is a number of industries that contribute positively to our GDP ensures that most of us have access to competitive job opportunities. Even in the midst of a global pandemic that has battered economies worldwide, Malta’s economy remains one of the least hit, and is anticipated to be one of the earliest to recover. The country is bolstered with high performing industries such as gaming, financial services, construction, property and once things get back to normal, tourism.

Top quality and easily accessible healthcare

Malta is renowned for its high standard of healthcare and is free for all. This is indeed an important foundation for Malta, as access to healthcare should not be in any way tied to how much money you make or have saved.

High quality and free education

Apart from the state schools which allow students to receive their compulsory education for free, Malta also offers a framework where one can receive up to his first degree from the University of Malta without course fees. Achieving such a high level of education without any course fees is indeed something not so common. In other countries, students need to take large loans to finance their education.

Marvelous country

Malta is an aesthetically pleasant country. It is a place where you can enjoy yourself and relax. There are several places one can enjoy and considering that the country is geared for tourism, there is a high degree of competitiveness and quality. This enables most of us to have ample options where to unwind and enjoy ourselves.

Exceptional weather

We tend to take this most for granted. One of Malta’s unique selling points is the three hundred days of sunshine per year. We are lucky not to endure extremely cold winters and enjoy sunshine for the larger part of the year. In other countries, the weather is an issue for most, due to colder temperatures and lack of sunshine.

Do you feel lucky to be Maltese? Let us know in the comments section below.

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