Renovating your Home? What to keep in mind…

At some point in your life, you will consider a home renovation project. You may either fall in love with a property and decide that before you live in it you will modernise it to your tastes, or else you might think on embarking on such a project for the home that you already live in.

Each approach will require careful planning and in this article, we will delve into some of the things that you definitely need to keep in mind.

Alternative accommodation

The extent of your renovation project will determine whether you would need to have in place alternative accommodation. If you have in mind significant alterations, it may be worth considering moving to another property temporarily, unless of course you want to face the daily dust and noise, which will impact the quality of your living. Although some people do indeed pluck the courage to live in their home as works are taking place, others are simply not up to it, especially if the duration of the works is over a long stretch.


Although you may argue that the works taking place are internal, i.e. within the household, you are still most likely required to apply for a permit for these alterations. In this regard, it is of utmost importance to rope in an architect who can guide you accordingly, ensuring that your property is compliant and remains structurally sound. Ensuring that your property has all the required permits allows for a smoother transfer, should you decide to sell in the future.

One things leads to the other

In the initial stages of your alterations assessment, you may tend to underestimate the works required. Let us for example say, that you are removing one wall within your living or kitchen area, to make the space more open. You might think that the expense is mostly related to the removal of that wall, however there are other things which need to be considered. This includes tiling for the exposed area which would be revealed once the wall is demolished. If you do not have extra tiles which match your existing pattern, you may need to factor the expense of new ones for the entire area. Another expense you would also need to consider is the re-wiring as that wall you demolish, might have electrical circuits going through it.

Chasing people

This is one of the most common complaints. Many get frustrated because the people undertaking their works would delay them or postpone. This creates frustration as most would be quite eager to see out the completion of their project, without unnecessary delays.

Did you ever go through such a project, including major works? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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