The Realities of Routine

Routine is a term which is thrown around regularly. It may be defined as a sequence of actions that are regularly followed. Different people will hold various perceptions about routine and these will vary into different extremes. Some people will absolutely hate it because it would make one feel that life is more of the same, whilst others will enjoy it because it gives them stability, predictability and safety. In this article, we will discuss some of the realities of routine and the impacts it can have on any individual.

Kills your creativity

Finding yourself consistently in the same tasks, without being empowered to think differently will kill creativity. Once you are constantly in the same rut, you will be less inclined to come up with creative concepts which make an impact. This can indeed be problematic, especially if one is required to come up with creative solutions to achieve the required results or solve problems. This applies especially to more senior and professional roles where creative solutions are undoubtedly expected.

Puts you in a comfort zone

Not all is necessarily negative about a routine. The nature of a routine puts one in a certain comfort zone where in the context of work, one would feel comfortable, knowing the elements of his role well. Normally, when one would feel that his job has become routine, he would have mastered the many different requirements. In such situations, people may feel comfortable to stay in a role that they know well, and would not dream of seeking change. Others might want to explore different challenges, as they would not be able to stand the comfort zone for too long.

Drives you crazy

Some people would feel that any form of routine, be it on a personal or professional level drives them crazy. Once they manage to find some routine and stability, they are immediately stressed to come up with something new which challenges them even more. Some people would only stick a few years within a particular job as once they feel that they have mastered it, it becomes boring and uneventful to them.

Deprives you from learning

Another negative aspect of routine is that it leaves very little room for learning, growth and development. People who do the same thing day in day out will have very limited opportunities to learn, as they would not be engaging in any new experiences which challenge them.

What do you think about routine? Do you prefer it or would you like constant change better?

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