Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a term which is normally associated with teenagers and high school. Whilst the association does exist, peer pressure is something we will encounter regularly in our lives. Peer pressure will never really go away and it all depends on how one reacts to it. Thinking that you can avoid peer pressure completely is unrealistic, especially if you engage in social contexts regularly. In this article, we will discuss the different contexts where peer pressure does take place and its related problems.

Childhood to teenage years

There will be several instances where one would encounter cases of peer pressure during childhood and teenage years. From when they are young, some children and teenagers will try to demonstrate a sense of superiority to impress others. Such cases may include kids and teenagers boasting about their social class and family status, especially if they are accustomed to a wealthy lifestyle.

Teenagers may also want to impress by wearing branded clothes and may look down on those who do not afford such clothing. Other forms of peer pressure may relate to teenager social activity, where some might bully others because they do not go out to parties or other social events.

Early to late twenties

People in their twenties are also likely to create peer pressure on others. This may be related to competition when it comes to university studies, the job one has, the car one drives, the wedding one organises or the property one acquires.

Thirties to forties

In their thirties and forties, people will also be subjected to peer pressure based on anything related to their asset base. During such phases in life, people would also feel the pressure to push their children academically to achieve the results they can be proud of.

So what are the problems of peer pressure?

Peer pressure can have several negative implications. People may succumb to psychological issues if they allow such peer pressure to influence them. Although it is difficult to ignore it completely, it needs to be controlled, otherwise problems will ensue. People who are never happy with their achievements and are constantly seeking to gain more simply to impress others, will never reach a state of contentment. This can lead to several implications on both a personal and professional level as people would never be satisfied.

What do you think about peer pressure? Is it a big societal problem?

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