Online Sex toy sales surged in 2020

As one may have expected, as the pandemic progressed, retailers of online sex shops reported higher sales. Online sex toy sales have increased dramatically, as physical shops suffered.

One particular company, called Adam and Eve, which holds a digital store has highlighted that online sales increased by thirty percent in March and April when compared to the same period of 2019. This is not the only company that has reported better sales. Another company, Wow Tech Group, owning We-Vibe and Womanizer, reported that online sales increased by more than two hundred percent when compared to April of 2019.

If one had to examine why there was such an uptick in sex toy sales, it would be immediately concluded that this is correlated with quarantine boredom. As a number of countries are now re-entering lockdowns, this trend may indeed be repeated. Many sex toy retailers have complained however, that their brick and mortar shops have seen less sales, and those with online shops that are not so popular, are now facing a financial strain on their business.

In view of these developments, online shop owners have had to re-visit their business models and try out different strategies. One of which was to sell locally made face masks. Although online sales have increased, many complained that these are not enough to compensate for the lack of income which would be driven by the physical shops.

Even though shops have re-opened across the world following the stringent lockdowns of March and April, such businesses are still much quieter when compared to the past. Consumer behaviour is still relatively cautious and people are spending less money than they used to.

Whilst the sex toys sector seems to be suffering when it comes to recovering the losses of physical stores, there might just be several opportunities for those who are solely online based.

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