The Value of a Pool

A pool is perceived by many as a symbol of relaxation and luxury. It is seen as an element that not every Tom, Dick or Harry can afford and not everyone would have the space for it within his or her property. In this article, we shall be discussing the value that a pool does bring to a property and whether it would be worth investing in one.

Aesthetic value

One aspect that you will get to enjoy on a regular basis is the aesthetic element that a pool brings with it. Having the luxury of eating dinner on a regular basis next to a pool is something which helps you to relax and enjoy your evening. It also serves as an excellent entertainment element when inviting guests over to your home. Typically, such a pool may be constructed in houses and penthouses.


Having a dip in a pool after a hard day’s work is indeed an optimal way to relax. This is all the more true in the splendid Maltese weather, which allows you to enjoy a pool for most months during the year. Combine this with a nice bottle of wine and some good music and you are very close to Nirvana.

Property value

Whilst there is no actual study which points out how much value a pool will contribute towards a property, one can see that most houses or penthouses that hold one are normally advertised at a higher sale price. The actual increase in value it may contribute heavily depends on the size and how much one would be willing to pay a premium price because of a pool.

Pool expenses

Whilst a pool does indeed contribute positively to a property’s overall value, there are several expenses related to the installation. This is more so the case if a pool is intended for roof level, where several beams or steel reinforcements need to be implemented to ensure a solid structure. Failing to do so may cause issues within the property itself, since it would not be equipped to effectively support the weight of the pool, including the water. This also needs to be considered in relation to the other pool expenses such as the pump, decking etc. This is also combined with the fact that pools require regular maintenance. It is definitely not something that you can ignore from a maintenance point of view once it is set up.

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