What happens now to Adrian Delia?

As the Nationalist party prepares for a new beginning under the leadership of the recently elected Bernard Grech, Adrian Delia’s position and potential contributions have never been further cast in doubt.

As Bernard Grech takes the helm, the future of Adrian Delia as a member within the Nationalist party is doubtful going forward. As several of Delia’s followers now ditch the party, his fate is yet to be decided.

What is currently going on today within the Nationalist party?

A war between Adrian Delia and Jason Azzopardi

It has been evident for quite a while that Adrian Delia and Jason Azzopardi do not see eye to eye. As Adrian Delia relinquished his position, the war of the words has extended to social media with both trading blows. In an interview with renowned journalist Peppi Azzopardi, Adrian has made his thoughts about Jason Azzopardi abundantly clear, that he believes the latter is a liar. Having a look at the Facebook profile of Jason Azzopardi, one notices that the relationship between the two has degenerated into a no holds barred. One must also mention that Delia is at odds with other members within the party due to his controversial leadership.

In view of this damaged relationship, it would be interesting to see how Bernard Grech will dilute the impact and whether the two can co-exist.

Apart from this serious conflict within the Nationalist party, Bernard Grech will have other issues to address and his judgement may prove critical to how successful he will be as a political leader.

Will Bernard Grech keep Adrian Delia within the party ranks?

History shows us that when an ex-leader is allowed to participate in the matters of a party, problems normally ensue. Will Bernard Grech’s mind be at peace if Adrian Delia is allowed some extent of power within the party? Will he use that same power to undermine Grech considering that he is now the leader? Bernard Grech may decide that in the face of an election which appears to be in the horizon, that Adrian Delia will not contest. This may be a move to address those disgruntled by Delia and as an attempt for the party to progress in unity.

Will the unity card be enough for Delia to maintain a politician’s position within the Nationalist party?

For most of his campaign, Bernard Grech promoted the concept of unity. Will this extend to his potential political collaboration with Adrian Delia? When looking at Adrian Delia, one sees a man who has sacrificed a lot for the Nationalist party on both a professional and personal level. Will this be enough for Bernard Grech to give Adrian Delia a chance to contribute under the new banner?

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